Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all!

It's been four years now that me, my husband and our three children has been spending Christmas away from Bohol.This year, we are spending it again at Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Cebu City.

It's always a moment to treasure to spend Christmas with the my whole family. We have this kind of bonding that we always treasure.

Christmas morning, the kids were still asleep, then me and Arthur came down from our hotel room at the 7th floor and we ate breakfast at the hotel's breakfast buffet. Wohhhh.. if I were not on a diet, I could fill my plate with so many foods. The food served looked so tempting. I had a plate of fruits - Ormoc pineapples, watermelon and papaya; crispy bacon (yummy); egg omelet with ham, tomatoes, onions, salame; cold cut; buns and butter; boiled eggs; chicken aroz caldo; fish sweet and sour; and fresh mango juice.

I had a chance to have a picture taken with two of the chefs. I always admire the talents of chefs.

After the late breakfast, we went to the hear mass at the Redemptorist Church then went to the mall then back to the hotel.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

42 and going.....

It's a special day for me today. I turned 42! I thank God for my life and my family who loves me so.

I decided to take a lazy day, reported to my office very late as almost everyone in the office were going out to take their lunch breaks. My beloved Mom treated me, my family and my sister to a wonderful lunch at The Prawn Farm at the ICM Mall. The manager at the restaurant, Audie, gave us a complimentary platter of fruits.

After doing a quick browse at the clothes shops at the mall, I had to hurry back to the school for my classes, then drove home to cook the pancit for a snack treat for my office staff. It's always my pleasure to share my little blessings with them.

Dinner was another date with my family and few new friends, at Jo's Inato Payag. We had our usual favorite barbecue chicken, binakhaw, pancit molo and kare-kare.

When I got home, I found the gifts and goodies given by my friends (the Yap family who owns Bohol Tropics Resort Club)who are so sweet to remember my birthday.

Spending this day with my family is the most wonderful part. The least most important thing that happened today is buying a red Ferrari (more of it next entry) as a birthday gift for myself.

God is indeed wonderful!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Touching Love Story

While having lunch today with the TV left on, tuned in to Wowowee, the interview by Willie Revillame of one of the contestants' partners caught my attention so I decided to watch what is showing. Today's featured contestants are those who are getting married this month of December.

The partner of one of the contestants related about the love story of her future bride, whom he is marrying on December 29th.

The groom to be narrated that he and her girlfriend (bride-to-be) went to study in different cities that caused them to be apart from each other. His girlfriend met someone else and had another boyfriend but he never stopped loving her. He still kept on calling her, pursuing her. There even came a time when it was the boyfriend of his former girlfriend who answered the call and told him not to bother his girlfriend anymore. But still, he kept on loving her.

Eventually, the girl broke-up with the boy with whom she bore a child. He still pursued the girl and eventually won her and finally accepted his proposal of marriage. And now, they are getting excited for their coming wedding and they promised each other, infront of millions and millions of Wowowee viewers, to love each other as long as they live.


I do admire the persistence of the guy's love towards the girl. Some may think that he is crazy for pursuing and marrying the girl who bore a child of another man. But one can never understand how crazy love is.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday, I posted an article about sunglasses. However, I forgot to mention that I might be starting another collection of eyewears - this time eyeglasses.

When I was a child, I was so proud that I have a very good eyesight. I could thread a needle in a jippy and I never had problems with my eyesight ever. Oppssss.. but since last week, I started to accept the fact that it's really more comfortable to read wearing a pair of reading glasses. And, cleaning my fingernails and toenails can be done with ease while I am doing that wearing my new pair of eyeglasses.

While I go for authentic and branded pairs of sunglasses, not this time for my reading eyeglasses. I bought mine from the local eyewear shop at only P199.65! The optometrist (who appreciated my Gucci 2775) was trying to sell me the branded readng glasses which were priced from P1,500 - P 3,500 per pair, I kept on telling him that this time, I will go cheap. Afterall, this is my first reading glasses and I still have to get used to using one and I am not yet too conscious of how I look (I look like a Lola) while wearing one.

Maybe someday, I will also be buying the kind of eyeglasses that my parents wear (Christian Diors)which cost at least P12,000 per pair. But not for me this time.Hehehhehe.

My reading glasses has a grade of 100 for both eyes. Beginner's grade indeed.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Collecting sunglasses is one of my vices. I think I have already bought about ten pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses, since I bought my first pair. I have lost more than two pairs already and oh well, that's life.

I don't go for copies or fake pairs even if they are much cheaper. I go for the real and authentic pairs. Expensive but authentic indeed.The most expensive pair of sunglasses that I possess is a pair of Cartier.It was my favorite until I got my new pair.

My recent splurge is a pair of authentic Gucci 2775 brown/gold sunglasses which my sister bought for me when she was in the US. Regular price of this pair is about US$350 and I got mine at a bargain!

It is hard to find pretty branded sunglasses here in Bohol. I can't just buy any pair that looks pretty on the webpages in on-line stores. The right pair must be tried on. So, what I do is I try on as many sunglasses as I can everytime I go to Cebu City (which I do at least once a month due to my doctoral classes) , at optical shops at SM City Cebu and Ayala Shopping Center Cebu. Once I found a nice pair, I write down the brand, model number and price of the one that looks good on me. Then, I look for it on the Internet and get to find the one at the least price.

I browsed my favorite on-line store Amazon.com and of course Ebay.com and finally found the one at a good deal. I emailed my sister (who was in the US then) the link of the item that I found and asked her to buy it for me. Since the item is breakable, I don't want it shipped direct to Bohol. I asked my sister to have it shipped to my friend in San Francisco, USA, who was coming to the Philippines that time. Bohol wasn't my friend's first stop when he arrived in the Philippines so I asked another friend to pick up my Gucci sunglasses from my friend who was staying at the Manila Penninsula. And I was so excited, like a little girl excited about her new toy, when I finally got hold of my pretty pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Now, I am looking at another pair -- a pair of black Versace 4070 with swarovski crystals. Well, I still have to work harder to earn more Internet income for me to be able to afford another pair of expensive signature sunglasses.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween !

I won't say happy halloween because I don't see anything happy about halloween anyway. I don't consider it happy since on this day, a lot of people wear something scary and they decorate things around their yard, inside their house with stuffs that look so scary.

Two years ago, me and my husband actually experienced halloween in the US. We were visiting a friend in San Jose, California and children, wearing interesting costumes, were knocking at our friend's house and we went out to give them candies and chocolates for their trick or treat. It was fun in a way though.

In Bohol, we don't have something like that. Our children don't go out wearing crazy costumes and go from one house to another for a trick or treat. However, families go to the cemetery on November 1 and 2, to visit the tombs of departed family members, relatives or friends. Family and friends gather around at the cemetery, eat, drink and be merry, reminiscing the lives of the departed loved ones.

Halloween is always related to something scary though. How about sharing scary or spooky stories?

I don't have a personal scary or spooky experience. I am not like other people who got a 'third eye' or has the 'sixth sense' that they experience spooky incidents more than once.

A spooky story

Story #1. In one of his political trips, my father was travelling from one of the municipalities of Bohol. Tired from the day's activities, he was sleeping in the car when suddenly he was jolted due to the sudden stop of the vehicle. He asked the driver what was happening and the driver told him that he had to stop the car and has to drive very slow this time because there are many carabaos walking in the middle and on the sides of the road.

My father, who was half awake didn't realize at first if what the driver was saying was true but when he opened his eyes, he saw with his own eyes WHITE CARABAOS all over! He estimated that there were more than a hundred of those carabaos. He was wondering where these carabaos would come from and where they are going. They were on the part of the road where the road is between a cliff (of a mountain)to the right and a cliff (along the sea) to the left. They were then driving somewhere in Dimiao.

After several minutes of slow driving and with goose bumps on their skins, my father and his driver suddenly saw the white carabaos disappear from their sight. The were both wondering where did they went to and why were those carabao white? Spooky eh?

Story # 2. Just few weeks ago, my father called me to help organize the 'remembering' activities for my Lolo and Lola (their birthdays are November 2 and November 15) because my Lola 'reminded' him (again) through some spooky ways.

It was early in the morning and my father passed by our library. He looked toward the big table and the opened album on the table caught his attention and he looked at it. There, he was surprised to see the picture of my Lolo and him and on the next page, my Lola and my mother. He was wondering how come his attention was directed to the open album? Why was the album open already? Why was it open on the page where the picture of my Lolo was?

He wasn't scared though because he is already used to these happenings that my Lola would some sort of 'remind' him about the upcoming activities.

A little spooky huh?

How about you? Do you also have a scary or spooky story to share?


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am a child of God

I attended church this morning and my dad delivered the Message. I always love it when it's my dad who delivers the Message.

Today, he was preaching that being a child of God, one don't need someone else to relay his concerns to God. Being His child, one can just directly ask from Him for anything. Pray to Him and not to or through anyone else. And I believe in that.

In my case, being a parent myself, even before my children ask for the things that they need, I already know and I have even already provided for what they need. God is like that. He provides our needs even before we ask for them. How much more if we ask for those?

But all the things that we need must also be added with our exertion of efforts. Like water, which has been provided by God for all of us to use it. However, if we don't do anything, like even exerting an effort of filling the glass with water and lifting the glass of water to drink the water, we won't be able to quench our thirst.

Man proposes and God disposes.

And in our own lives, being children of God, we will put all our trust in Him and He will take care of everything.

Are you a child of God too?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am envious!

Being envious means having a feeling or showing envy. And I admit I have this feeling.

However, the kind of envy that I am feeling is not a feeling of envy over materials things. I don't feel envious when I see others holding their expensive LV,Tod's or other high-in signature bags (although I don't own any of them) or seeing rich gals driving their Mercedes-Benz or Jaguars (my dream cars)or mestizas flashing their diamonds. These materials things are only riches on earth. My riches are stored in heaven (naks).

So, what am I envious about? I feel so envious when I see someone jogging, jumping over a cliff to the water below, dancing, biking and other physical activities. I feel envious not because I am physically challenged.

I do have complete limbs to do all these. When I own pairs of running/walking shoes that could be used for jogginb or walking. I am not afraid of heights that I one of my fantasy extreme activity is to do bungee jumping or hand glide. I used to own a mountain bike which I used to use for long drives along the roads in Panglao Island. When I was much younger, I took ballet and jazz dance lessons and could really dance very well. I was even the main dancer during our ballet and jazz dance recitals.

So, what am I really envious about? I am envious because I can't do these physical activities anymore. Why? It is because my hormones act weird if I engage myself in these kinds of activities. Others may thought this condition might be just imaginary. I wish this is just imaginary too. But I have undergone a battery of tests, I have seen almost 20 doctors, I have been tested and admitted at different hospitals (which includes Ramiro Community Hospital in Bohol, National Kidney and Transplant Institute of the Philippines, St. Luke's Hospital in the Philippines and National Institutes of Health in Maryland, USA). And sad to note that what is happening or what has happened to me is NOT imaginary. It's real.

I still need to go for another round of stress test to determine how far can I go with regards to physical activities. The last time I had this test, I could even hardly reach Level 2 (highest is level 7). My cardiologist had to stop me because my BP was already at 170/100 upon entering level 2. Whew! I don't feel the pain, but the BP level was just scary. So, because of this condition, I can't do the physical things which I would love doing.

But having my kind of condition doesn't make me sad or bitter. At least, what I have is classified as RARE. Hahahahahhaa. Who knows someone would be envious of what I have anyway?. But please, don't be.

(picture above is that of NIH in Maryland, USA. My room was located at the 5th floor on the front right side of the picture)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Skin Whitening Craze

Majority of us Filipinas are born to have light to dark brown skin tone. Majority of us also wants to have fairer skin and thus the skin whitening business is booming.

You can see giant billboards showing the faces of some celebrities endorsing whitening products/services. When you read magazines, there is at least 5 ads promoting whitening products. On TV, advertisements about these products/services are always visible.

Who among us here haven't tried a product or service, in one way or another, just to make our skin whiter/fairer?

I am also hooked to this. Although I am not really a morena, I think I am not as 'white' the other girls/women. However, last year, I discovered something effective for making my skin whiter and fairer. A high school friend of mine introduced Kojic Soad to me and it's been almost one year that I have been using it and it shows visible results already.

A lot of my friends asked me if I am taking glutathione. I am not. Although I haven't asked my doctor if I am allowed to take such, I am not used to taking medications/tablets which might harm my delicate body. My friends noticed my fairer skin!

And I always share with them my little secret. I use Kojic Soap!

Kojic Soap

The color of this soap is dark orange. It is plain rectangular in shape. Packed in ordinary clear plastic with a white oval sticker with the label "Kojic Soap".

To use this, do not rub the whole soap to your skin. But just touch the soap with your fingers and rub your fingers to your skin (whole body) to make a thin lather. Rinse your body thorughly then repeat the procedure but this time, leave the lather on your skin for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

You can also use the soap for your face but don't let the lather stay on your face too long. Rinse off when your face starts to feel tingly.

The soap is not that expensive. Although not readily available in most department stores, I got my supply through order only. Each soap is sold at P100 per piece but if you don't leave the soap wet in the shower cubicle, the whole soap could last for 3 to 4 weeks.

To make your Kojic Soap last longer, keep it in dry place. You have to place it in a covered soap dish.

The first time I ordered, I think I bought about 100 pieces for the first time and until now, I still have some pieces in my cabinet. My duaghter and my sons use this soap too that is why I decided to keep stock of this.

How about you? Do you also want to have a fairer/whiter skin? Try this Kojic Soap. If this has been effective to me and some of my friends, this could also be effective on you.

For more information about this wonderful Kojic Soap, you can email me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's father's day today. However, I didn't even greet my own father a "happy father's day" today, although he is just a call away.

But not sending him a message on this day doesn't mean that he is not special to me. He is and will always be.

My father is a very busy man. On the year I was born was the year he started his political career. From municipal councilor, he rose to become provincial board member, vice-governor, assemblyman, congressman and governor. But despite his being a property of the public, he was always there for me when I needed him.

I remember when I was still a little girl, I would always run to kiss him everytime he arrives home. I take his shoes off and give him his slippers. I give his vitamins and medications during his meal time. At night, I would pretend to be sleeping in the living room and it was a great feeling when he picks me up and carry me to my bedroom.

He composed my oration pieces and spent time from his busy schedule to train me for the oration contests I participated in. Even if he is busy in his office, when I come in, he would stop what he is doing and would acknowledge my presence and ask what I need.

Being a college freshman at 15, I couldn't decide which course to take up so it was my father chose the course I took up and finished. He together with my Mama was always there to guide and support me when I was taking my CPA review and passing it was a sweet success for everyone in the family.

There was a situation in my life wherein my fahter let me choose between him and someone else. And of course, I chose my father. And it was a happy decision.

When he was a congressman, I (with my older brother) was the one who acted as his personal secretary. I keep track of his appointments, do shopping for him, cook his meals (he was a vegetarian then) and even prepare his clothes.

I grew up being very close to him but he always kept enough distance to let me grow up emotionally, academically and spiritually by myself too. But he always make me feel that he is just there, anytime he is needed.

Now, that I have a family of my own, he is still always there if everytime I need to consult with him about something related to work, business and profession. He would always return my call right after I make a "miss call" to his number.

He might not be a perfect but for me, he is the greatest father!

Happy father's day Pa!

(Photo above shows my daughter Karla and my Papa)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Election Experience, Part I

The 45 days of campaign activities was indeed an great experience for me.

House To House

This is an activity where we, the candidates will visit voters at their residences, meet them, shake hands with them and if lucky will get to talk to them too. Our campaign assistants will also give away our campaign leaflets.

Everyday during the campaign period, I had to wake up as early as 5 a.m. to get ready, and go to the assembly area for this activity. I did a lot of walking with the other candidates and our campaign assistants. Most of the places we have visited were new to me because it was my very first time to go to those places.

After 1 or 2 hours of walking, trying to visit the most number of houses and shake hands with voters, the breakfast portion is the most awaited for and much enjoyed portion of the morning. Our campaign coordinator , Ms. Arlene K, always see to it that everybody is well-fed during for breakfast, after the toiling house-to-house activity. At least 40 people each morning ate together at the breakfast-host-house-for-the-day. And the eating experience was always fun.

What do we usually had for breakfast? Hmmmm. scrambled eggs, fried dried fish, tinola, adobong nukos, inun-unan, hotdogs, coffee, bread, pancit,rice and many more..And after the filling breakfast, we get to sit and relax for awhile.Then, go home, take a shower and take a nap.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Learning Experience

This summer has been a very busy season for me. Me and my husband have to wake up very early each morning to catch up with the first campaign activity of the day - the 'house-to-house',which starts at 6 o'clock in the morning. In the afternoons and evenings, we also have to attend campaign sessions at different barangays in the city.

The campaign activities has been a very good learning experience for me and my husband since through these, we are able to meet a lot of people from all walks of life and we get to visit places in the city where we haven't even visited ever since we lived in the city.

It is always a humbling experience for me to meet the urban poor. I get to see how they live and how they look living in their simple lives. The more I see people like them, the more my heart is touched, moved and encouraged that I need to work harder and so my share of doing something to help them live better lives.

When I see the kids, I see their innocent happy faces. They look so naive but yet these little creatures are the future of our country. They are the ones who must be given priority in the government's thrust and programs - that would help them live better lives and brighter future.

The more I am involved in this campaign, the more I learn what the people need most and the more I come to think how they can be helped.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Bohol's Internet Princess meets Miss BP World '06

I finally met Miss Binibining Pilipinas World 2006, Anna Maris Igpit last March 10, 2007. She was one of those who graced the Bohol Youth Day held on that day.

My friends D'ers and Leo formally introduced me to her. And when she saw me, she shouted "Oh my! I finally met you in person!" I was awed and didn't say anything but smile and we posed for a souvenir picture together.

When she won for Miss Binibining Pilipinas World in 2006, I was one of the thousand of Boholanos who were so proud of her for getting that title. And in my own little way to give support to a fellow Boholano, I made her personal website : www.annamarisigpit.com .

The meeting indeed confimred that Anna is a loveable, very pretty lady. And she is also very proud to be a Boholano.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bags... bags.. bags....

To ladies out there. Are you a bags bug too?

I got bitten by the bag bug when me and my husband went on tour to the US in 2005. I ended up buying five pieces of Coach bags and one Prada. I got a couple of Nine Wests, Liz Claiborne, Dooney & Bourke too. Last year, I rewarded myself with a red Lacoste bag which I bought from the Lacoste shop at Ayala Mall in Cebu City.

My eyes popped and was salivating when I saw the LVs, the Guccis, the CDs, the Fendis at the signature boutiques at the shopping center at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. But all I can do is appreciate those awesome bags and wish I can also afford to buy them.

When talking about bags, I am still an amateur compared to my best friend. She owns about a dozen each of LVs,Guccis and Pradas (her favorite signatures), a couple of Balenciagas, countless of Coach bags and some more of other brands. She buys most them them online. Some from Amazon.com and others in other websites.
. I am learning a lot from her too, when it comes to bags lessons.

Others may not understand why some would prefer the expensive and branded bags over the generic bags. Some doesn't care if their Prada or Coach is a fake but some do really care and will NEVER go for copies but the authentic ones only.

How to identify a fake from a copy?

PRADA - Of course, the one you bought must bear the violet-black colored small envelopes containing the authenticity cards and other slips. The letter R of a fake Prada is straight and doesnt look like an slant elongated diamond shape. And of course, the hardware used as handles, locks, slides of an authentic Prada looks sturdy and is obviously made of good quality metals. The nylon used is of course of good quality and turns violet-black when sunlight strikes on the bag.

COACH - an authentic Coach bag of course bears those aunthenticity cards also. The leather and hardware used is of very good quality. The C logos of an aunthentic Coach are properly arranged. Fakes have incorrect Cs.

You can also learn how to spot fake signature bags from www.handbag.com, about spotting fake Coach too and you can find more articles online about these topics.

Well, admit it. You too might love to have bags too. But of course never wish to have eye bags.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Q & A part 4

*is your hair wet?
~ no.

*is your cell phone right beside you?
~ yes...

*are you wearing makeup:
~ not now. i already washed it off earlier this evening.

*are you wearing chapstick:
~ not now. i was during the day.

*are you cold:
~ nah..

*are you tired:
~ if i am staying this late, then i am not tired at all.

*are you excited:
~ about what?

*are you watching t.v:
~ right now? no.i will later, after this.

*are you wearing pajamas:
~ no.

*recently done anything you regret:
~ for not answering an email from a client.

*ever stuck gum under a desk:
~ i used to do that when i was still a student.

*ever kick someone:
~ i think i did.

*ever trip over your own feet?:
~ often.

*ever cried so hard you almost threw up:
~ i think i already did.

*have you yelled at someone:
~ i have.

*have you gotten mad at someone:
~ i have too, but not for long.

*have you cried:
~ a week ago.

*have you called more than 3 people:
~ today? i think i called more than 3 people.

*have you im'd more than 3 people:
~ newp. hehe.. i jsut got online. wa pa ko ka chat sa ym.

Q 01: is there a person who is on your
mind right now?
~ yeah.. my husband.

Q 02: where is the last place you went?
~ to BQ supermarket.

Q 03: who is the last person you called?
~ my husband.

Q4: who do you like more, your mom or
~ a lot of people say i look more like my mom.. hmmm guapa diay ko?

Q 05: do you have any siblings?
~ got 3 sisters and 7 bros.

Q 06: do you smile often?
~ all the time.

Q 08: do you wish on stars?
~ sometimes.

Q 09: do you untie your rubber shoes every time
you take them off?
~ i don't wear rubber shoes.

Q 12: are you a friendly person?
~ i am.

Q 13: who's bed did you sleep in last
~ my bed.

Q 14: what color shirt are you wearing?
~ light blue.

Q 15: do you have any pets?
~ we got goldfishes right now. we used to have great danes.

Q 16: what is the color of your bed?
~ it depends on the bed cover on it.

Q 17: what were you doing at 9 last
~ sleeping.

Q 18: i can't wait until...
~ all my children are all grown up and pursuing happy and fruitful lives of their own.

Q 19: is tom on your friends list?
~ i dont have a friend named tom. though i wish Tom Cruise is a friend of mine. hhahhah

Q 20: look to your right. what's there?
~ an open window.

Q 22: ever cried yourself to sleep?
~ yeah.. several times. im a cry baby.

Q 23: ever cried on your friend's shoulder?
~ i think i did.

Q 24: song that makes you cry?
~ Pasko Na Sinta Ko.

Q 25: are you normally a happy person?
~ i am always happy.

Q 26: has anyone ever said 'i love you' to
~ of course. i always get it from my husband.

Q 27: is your self-esteem extremely low?
~ average.

Q & A part 3

1. have you ever thought you were abnormal?
~ i always consider myself normal.

2. how many months to go before your birthday?
~ from now? 9 months.

3. last movie you watched with your husband?
~ The Promise .. and it was soooo boring! hahahhaha

4. is your landline listed in the telephone directory?
~ i think so.

5. do u eat alot?
~ no. im a light eater. although i don't eat light bulbs huh..

6. are you reading anything right now?
~ my blog.

7. do you have any frustrations?
~ i wanted to be an artista. hahahhaha

8. what is the time now?
~ 12:15 a.m.

10. if given the chance, will you join pinoy big brother?
~ no. i havent watch a single episode of PBB anyway.

11. if someone called you right now, would you take the call?
~ yeah. it might be a call from a client abroad.

12. do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?
~ jack and jill?

13. do you like your handwriting?
~ yeah. i guess i have a very good handwriting.

14. have you ever trespassed someone else's
~ my parents'? my sister's?

15. do you want to be justin timberlake in your next life?
~ i dont know who he is.

16. have you ever gotten drunk?
~ yeah. many many years back.

17. do you think someone thinks of you every night?
~ of course.. my mom and my husband.

18. how's your health right now?
~ very good!

19. what did you want to be when you were
~ a lawyer

20. how many languages can you speak?
~ english, bisaya, tagalog. think that's all.

21. has anyone made a poem for you?
~ no one.

22. are you hungry?
~ no, im not.

23. why do you answer surveys like this one?
~ interesting and fun.

24. last food you ordered at mcdonald's?
~ what's it called? the fish fillet stuff?

25. the last person who called you on the phone?
~ my daughter.

26. can you speak straight english?
~ of course. and most people hate my American accent. blame it to too much watching of Sesame Street. hahahaha

Q & A part 2

Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
~ would/nt it be boring?

Have you ever seen a dead body?
~ of course. would you believe it? I did the make-up of my Lola when when died.

What is something scientists need to invent?
~ i can't think of one right now.

Do you watch local news? Why?
~ sometimes. i want to watch what's the latest chika in showbiz.. hahahah

How long do you think you will live?
~ it's in God's hands.

Do you prefer chatting online or on the phone?
~ chat online. my fingers are so good in chatting.

Would you consider yourself political?
~ i am maybe. but im not yet so vocal about that.

Do you think it's okay to make out with someone else even if you're taken?
~ hmmmm.. that is kinky.

Is someone stalking you?
~ i dont think so. but i think i used to have some when i was still a movie star.. (char)

Do you watch cartoons?
~ i hate watching cartoons.

What's your normal BP?
~ hahhahaa. don't ask me about it. I take Norvasc 10mg regularly.

Do you like cotton buds?
~ i look for them every after i take a bath. i must love them.

How often do you cut your nails?
~ yeah.. they feel eeeeky when they are too long.

What deodorant do you use?
~ secret....

What color are your nipples?
~ ask my husband.

Something you want to do lately-
~ a whole body massage at the spa.

Paper bills or coins?
~ paper bills. bundles of them! hahahaha

Former Superwoman

In my About Me portion, it says there "A self-confessed Internet addict and a former superwoman". I am actually an Internet addict and I am not ashamed of that because I have learned to make use of the Internet in better ways. But the "former superwoman" thing, I am sure you are wondering what is the story behind that.

I am a working mom with three wonderful kids. Being a mom would really make one a superwoman, right? When my kids were still growing, I had yayas for each one of them, I had house helpers to do the house chores for me and so on. However, came the time when house helpers became so rare and if I am able to get one or two, they don't stay with us forever. They also have their own reasons of leaving. But mind you, I am a very good "amo".

Well, one day I decided not to cry anymore everytime a house helper goes home or leave. I told myself "why would I cry over such situation? Who are they by the way that they would make me feel mesirable?", "why do people living abroad can live without these house helpers around?". Since then, I declared myself to be a superwoman.

I do most of the stuffs at home, although my husband and kids help around too. Cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, etc.... are a routine. And in addition to this, I do report to office also. That stint as a superwoman went on for about 3 or 4 years. However, something happened in 2003 (watch out for this in my future blogs) that stopped me from being a superwoman.

Now, being a former superwoman, I am back to having house helpers around to do most of the stuffs here at home. But, I decided to keep the things I enjoy doing - cooking (I do it most of the time) and shopping.

Being a superwoman was something but being a FORMER superwoman is even something else.

Friday, March 2, 2007

It's My Life !

This blog is created to let me know more about myself. One way of doing that is to ask myself some questions which I need to answer and make me recall of simple things of which answers have been in my wholelife.

This is my first Q & A blog. I got these set of questions from my cousin: Here they are:

1.whose picture is it that u keep on
ur wallet?
:: a picture of my family

2. what time do u go to bed?
:: it depends. sometimes, as early as 7:30 pm and sometimes, as late as 3 am.

3. what was the last thing u did b4 filling this survey?
:: doing an Internet lecture to 96 students from Corella High School.

4. who's the one u always meet the most?
:: at work? my secretary - Ms. Monding. at home? - my helpers Charlene and Besing.

5. who's the person ur gonna call if u need help?
:: my husband - Arthur

6. what's on ur mind just now?
:: would i be able to answer all my emails?

7. who's number on ur speed dial?
:: my husband, my daughter, my sons, my dad, my mom, my sister, Mia..... my phone can accomodate a lot of numbers in my speed dial

8.with whom do u wanna have fun?
:: arthur, my kids, cousins

9. what's the latest movie?
:: would you consider 24 a movie? we just finished watching the whole 1-5 seasons of 24! i sleep and wake up with Jack Bauer! hahahhahahaha

10.when was the last time u went out?
:: yesterday. i went to Eskaya resort in Panglao to meet up with a client. Lunch at Asiatika with a guest too.

11. what/who do u hate the most for now?
:: lack of time to do all the things i want to do.

12. when was the first time u slept alone?
:: i cant remember anymore.

13. what do u wanna do for now?
:: blog. reply to emails. go to the hair salon later.

14. what do u do everyday besides eat and sleep?
:: work. internet. cook.

15. fave pet?
:: none for now. we used to have great danes. planning to get another great dane soon.

17. colors that make u happy?
:: green and red.

18. most fave in ur room?
:: my square pillow (for my head) and my regular pillow for my legs.

19. what was the last thing u bought for ur room?
:: more pillows

20. any instruments in ur room?
:: hmmmm. what sort of instrument?

21. do u cook?
:: of course! i love to cook.

22. miss someone?
:: my pamangkins living abroad. my mom (seldom see her). my sister.

23. plan to buy something?
:: a new cellphone for my son. another car?

24. are u satisfied with ur life now?
:: i'm a happy person. i could say im satisfied, although i always have dreams still to be realized.

25.do u like seafood?
:: of course. we had 2 giant crabs for lunch the other day. we will have prawns tonight.

26. breakfast or dinner?
:: both. but im a light eater.

27. what do u usually eat for breakfast?
:: quaker oats, fruits, low fat milk.

28. did u eat breakfast today?
:: yes. pan-desal with no cholesterol butter. salt-less fried danggit.

29. do u recycle?
:: yep!

30. do u have a laptop?
:: of course. it's my work-mate. its an IBM x40. it's a very cool stuff.

31. what's ur favorite fast food?
:: chowking

32. cats or dogs?
:: dogs

33. salty or sweet?
:: sweet nalang. i can't have salty foods.

34. city or country?
:: country

35. what's ur favorite kind of cake?
:: carrot cake or any cake with nuts.

36. Is kissing normal for our age?
: yep!

37. are u athletic?
:: i can't be one.

38. do u swear?
:: rarely.

39. would u ditch your friends for a date?
:: nah...

41. what do u wear to bed?
:: would you really like to know that?

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?
:: my teacher in Marketing during my MBA stint at DLSU.

43. coke or pepsi?
:: coke light. diet pepsi.

44. sugar or spice?
:: spice

45. can u use chopsticks?
:: yep. it also helps one to eat less. hahahhaha

46. do u like to read for pleasure?
:: i do if i can afford the time.

47. do u care about getting good grades?
:: i don't but i always get good grades even without trying. hahahahhaha

48. have u ever fallen asleep in class?
:: never.

49. get a job or ask ur parents for money?
:: i got a job, but i don't think there is harm if my parents will also give me money. hahahhahaha

50. is ur dad strict?
:: he isn't to me.