Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all!

It's been four years now that me, my husband and our three children has been spending Christmas away from Bohol.This year, we are spending it again at Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Cebu City.

It's always a moment to treasure to spend Christmas with the my whole family. We have this kind of bonding that we always treasure.

Christmas morning, the kids were still asleep, then me and Arthur came down from our hotel room at the 7th floor and we ate breakfast at the hotel's breakfast buffet. Wohhhh.. if I were not on a diet, I could fill my plate with so many foods. The food served looked so tempting. I had a plate of fruits - Ormoc pineapples, watermelon and papaya; crispy bacon (yummy); egg omelet with ham, tomatoes, onions, salame; cold cut; buns and butter; boiled eggs; chicken aroz caldo; fish sweet and sour; and fresh mango juice.

I had a chance to have a picture taken with two of the chefs. I always admire the talents of chefs.

After the late breakfast, we went to the hear mass at the Redemptorist Church then went to the mall then back to the hotel.

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