Sunday, December 28, 2008

My First Snow

I belive everyone's first snow experience is really unforgettable.

Mine was indeed unforgettable. For a person like me who lived in the Philippines all my life, a snow experience is something to look forward to. Mine happened three years ago in Chicago, USA. Me and my husband were visiting some relatives in Chicago then. We have at least five relatives there so we just stay with any of them at any time during our one and a half month stay in Chicago.

One reason why we went up to Chicago (from California) was that I was really hoping to experience snow there. And indeed I had a wonderful first snow experience there.

We were staying at one of my relative's house that time and my husband woke me up early in the morning and told me that it already snowed. At first I thought he was only joking. But when I looked out the window, I saw real snow for the first time. I went outside and had a picture taken beside our car which had thin snow on it. But by around 9 o'clock in the morning, the snow has melted down and I was a little frustrated.

However, a few days later, when me and my husband were touring the popular tourist spots in Chicago: the Navy Pier, the museums and others, and while we were still inside the Science museum, my cousin called me and informed us to stay put because a blizzard is coming up that night. When I looked outside the window, indeed snow has started to pour down.

Me and my husband decided to go outside and drove to the city. I was like crazy.. Even if there was a blizzard, I opened the car window and extended my arm to catch the snow. Later, we can't tell where we were anymore. We got lost in the city. We stopped by a Whole Foods outlet and ate there. When we came out, our car looked like a "halo-halo" with thick white snow on top of it. It was so much fun!

It was past 10 o'clock in the evening and we still can't find our way to the highway going to my cousin's house. We stopped by a gasoline station and asked for directions and finally, we we're on the right road.

My husband was really driving safe and slow. I think our car was cruising the highway at only 5-10 miles per hour. We could even see a few cars on the road-side, that previously met an accident.

Thank God we arrived home safe. My cousin was a little bit worried, considering that it was our first time to drive in the snow.

The next day, I woke up so excited. I went outside the yard and played in the snow like a little kid. It was so much fun. All I was thinking then was "how I wish I am playing in the snow right now, with my own kids".

I hope that my next snow experience will be spent with my own kids around.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Christmas day is only four days away. We always have wishes for Christmas.

My Christmas Wishes

These are wishes for the year 2009:
1. Continued good health to me and my family.
2. Peace and love among family members (they know who).
3. Am-am's passing the Nursing Board and for her to be strong and ready for her future.
4. To be a Doctor in Business Administration very soon.
5. More sales/earnings/additional income/blessings.
6. A pretty house with a beautiful garden.
7. Land titles and investment properties.
8. Settlements
9. Travels abroad
10. New car
11. Rolex watch/Diamonds
12. Revive my community projects

The list could be longer but a dozen is already much.

For my birthday and Christmas gift, I gifted myself an electric Brother sewing machine. I have been looking for a sewing machine like this for many years already and I was lucky to find one at Bohol Quality department store. So, I bought it as soon as I can.

This sewing machine is the kind which is portable. When one wants to use it, it will just be put on a table top and when not used, can just be stored in the cabinet.

With the availability of my sewing machine, I hope to have time to tinker with it and come out with some sewing projects soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Tree

Christmas is never the same without a Christmas tree. It is one of the Christmas symbols.

The Legend of the First Christmas Tree

The night of the Saviour's birth, all the living creatures, both flora and fauna, came to Bethlehem with gifts. The olive tree brought its fruit and the palm its dates. But the little fir tree had no gift and was so tired it couldn't resist when the big trees pushed it into the background and hid it from view. But then a nearby angel took pity and commanded a cluster of stars to come and rest on its delicate boughs. When the Baby Jesus beheld this lovely lighted tree, He smiled and blessed it, declaring henceforth that fir trees should always be filled with lights at Christmastime to please little children. (from www.morning-glow.com)

My Tree

My Christmas tree was bought about five (5) years ago at more or less P4,000.00 from the local store here in Tagbilaran City. It's an 8-foot tree. At this time, a tree as big as this is now more expensive than what it was priced some years ago.

Some trimmings that are decorated on my tree are recycled ones. Although, I had to buy some more trimmings this year since some of the once I had before are no longer pretty. With the current high prices of items now, I spent more than P3,000.00 for the trimmings and the lights alone.

It's been our tradition that the my children help in putting the trimmings on the tree. And as usual, it is my youngest son who gets the honor of putting the 'star' on top of the tree.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just turned 43!

Yesterday, December 13, 2008, I started another year in my life, looking forward to a new year of happiness and to enjoy God's blessings.

This is a special birthday celebration for me because this is my first birthday spent with my granddaughter - Babam.

How the day went?

I was still asleep when my husband kissed me and greeted me a happy birthday. When I woke up, the kids greeted me too.

I had to report to work early today. I delivered a welcome address during the Christmas party of the CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service). Over 2,000 people greeted me a happy birthday by singing a happy birthday song to me. It was touching. Perhaps it was the biggest "birthday party" I have ever had.

Before we left for Panglao Island Nature Resort, I had to drop by Marcela Department Store to buy the rubber float for Babam. I also saw this cute Disney sunglasses for kids and I bought a pink pair for Babam too.

The Outing

We arrived at the Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa at around eleven o'clock in the morning. Entrance fee during weekends is P400 per person. P300 of which is consumable (for food purchases) and P100 of it is chargeable as entrance or for swimming pool use.

We had lunch at the gazebo. I had fish and chips and four seasons drink. My husband and my children ordered their own choices.Food was fairly okay.

The weather that afternoon was good. At least, it was not very sunny. While my kids were enjoying the pool, me and my husband chose to just sit around and I read just the Reader's Digest.

I joined the kids later in the pool. The water felt cold the first time I dipped in the water although later it was okay.

We left the resort at almost 4 p.m. already.

We decided to stay home after the trip. I decided not the attend the Christmas party of our department because the kids were already very tired and I didn't want to go there without them. My husband ordered food from our favorite restaurant (Shang Me Nou) and enjoyed dinner at home with my family.

Although, me and my husband went out a little later after dinner. I had to buy my medications from Mercury Drug Store and my husband has to get new DVDs from his favorite DVD store. Afterwards, we went to Island City Mall (which was having a midnight sale that night) and just browsed stuffs there. I didn't get to find something interesting at my favorite clothes shop (Kamiseta) so, I didn't get to buy anything for me.

Who greeted me?

Arthur, Amam, Badong, Arjo, Babam, more than 2,000 CWTS students, CWTS teachers,Mandie Gloria, Reyna (off-line YM), Mama, Luane, Libya, my office staff, Mercury Drug store clerks, Kamiseta shop clerk, Venice (who called from Hong Kong), Ailyn, everyone at church (today) and many more...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Body Massage

Today, was not a busy day for me. In the morning, I was just working on the website for the local newspaper and after lunch, I took a good nap. When I woke up, me and my husband went to the Tagbilaran City port to pick up my daughter who arrived from Cebu City. She was in Cebu for almost a week for her nursing board exams.

I know my daughter feels tired and soar after that challenge, I treated her to a body massage at Nua Thai Foot and Massage Salon. I accompanied her and also treated myself to an hour-long body massage with oil. Mine was a traditional Thai massage. It was my first time to have that kind of massage since I usually have the Swedish or soft massage type. The one who did the massage on me didn't ask me what type of massage I wanted and I just pressumed it was my usual Swedish.

I like the way the 'bed' is being set-up - think matress on the floor. Their pillow is soft. The lighting inside is soft too. The place is clean inside.

But anyway, it was good enough. A Thai massage is full of pressing, pushing and pulling session, which I found a bit painful in some instances. But it was okay anyway though I found it not to be relaxing.

Although I enjoyed my body massage session at Nua Thai, I still consider the massage routine at Le Spa more relaxing.

- when you go for a massage, don't go to the salon wearing make-up.
- it feels good and fresh when you get a good warm bath before going to the massage salon.
- it is advised that you bring your own pajamas if you don't like to wear their service pajamas (although washed and smells fresh, these were being used by other clients too).
- don't bring bulky purses or even your cellphone.
- wear slippers in going to the salon (your Havaiannas won't get lost anyway)
- don't take a bath after a massage session (some say so)

- I wish other clients in the salon would observe silence religiously. If they wish to chat with their companion or with the service crew, they just do it in the coffee shop and not inside the massage salon.
- I wish hooks or something decent used to place our clothes will be provided so we won't leave our clothes on the floor.
- I wish they would provide newer and fresher pajamas
- I wish I extended my body massage session to two hours.. hahhahaha

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grandma at 42!

I haven't updated my blog for sometime now due to my being so busy with a lot of things - work, school and being a first-time grandma. The last as being the most exciting though.

Yes, I am already a grandma at 42! How do I feel about it? It feels very good! And I thank God for this new chapter in my life. Not all women will get to experience what I am experiencing right now.

Normally, when we hear of the word grandmother, we always picture an old wrinkled woman. Oh no, not me! A lot of people even think that I am the mother of the baby I am carrying, who is my grand daughter. Well, being a grandmother is something a woman should be proud of. Being a grandmother is another level of fulfillment.

I am creating another blog for my grand daughter so I can share my experiences about being a grandmother and to share updates about my granddaughter. I may sound corny but I am sure grandmothers like me will be able to relate with me.

The new blog that I created is "My Girl". Although, pictures of my girl can also be seen at the website my daughter created for my grand daughter.

Through my new blog, I hope mothers and grandmothers like me will also post comments and share their feelings and experiences being one. Afterall, being a mother and grandmother is indeed a big deal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Pictures

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and it was a great opportunity for all of us to be together again to bond with my parents in this very special event of our lives. My brothers and sister who now live in other countries came home just for the occasion.

Having moments like this again, made me recall of the times when our family was still young and we were still small and few. This could be better presented through our family pictures which were taken during different times.

This family picture was taken sometime in 1966. I am the one seated on my mother's lap. We were only six children then. Some years later, the family grew in numbers.

This picture was taken sometime in 1994, a few months after I gave birth to my youngest son (he is 14 years old now). This picture must have been taken during my father's birthday anniversary.

We decided to have a picture taken with all of us in white tops and jeans, very casual. My youngest brother, who recently got hooked in photography hobby, took this picture at my sister's house yard.

The succeeding pictures were taken during the golden wedding ceremonies, in Ubay , Bohol and in Tagbilaran City. The family members has indeed grown in number, kids have grown bigger and we have matured, since my parents started a family by sealing their love in three wedding ceremonies 50 years ago.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Blissful 50 years

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and I sent the following article to the local papers:

Tirol-Reyes Golden Wedding Anniversary
Former Bohol Governor , Atty. David B. Tirol and his ever lovely wife, provincial board member Dr. Amalia Reyes-Tirol, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last May 10, 2008 in Ubay, Bohol and on May 11, 2008 in Tagbilaran City.

Fifty Years Ago

It was indeed true love for Atty. Tirol that he and his family went to Ubay, the hometown of then Miss Amalia Maboloc Reyes, seven (7) times to ask the hand of the beautiful Ubay lass into marriage. This was also during the time when marriage of couples with different religions was a still a very big issue. When the Reyes family finally agreed to the marriage proposal, the wedding was arranged.

However, the marriage was not just sealed the usual way. Atty. David B. Tirol and Dr. Amalia R. Tirol actually got married three times (Beat that!). First was a civil wedding rights on April 28, 1958 then on May 11, 1958, in an early morning Catholic church wedding in Ubay, Bohol and followed by a late afternoon wedding ceremony held at the then Graham Memorial Church (now Graham-Leopando-Belarmino-Tirol Memorial Church) in the Tirol compound in Tagbilaran City.

The Celebration

To re-enact what transpired fifty years ago, the Tirol children, lead by the eldest, Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol-Macuno, prepared a double grand wedding celebrations.

In the Ubay celebration, held a day earlier on May 10, 2008, invited guests were mostly relatives of Dr. Amalia Reyes-Tirol, public officials of Ubay and its 42 barangays, municipal mayors and vice mayors of the 2nd district of Bohol, provincial officials of Bohol, faculty and staff of Bohol Northern Star College, and friends. The wedding ceremony was held in the afternoon at the Sto. Niño Church in Ubay and reception (prepared for 1,000 persons) followed at the President Magsaysay Center.

The ceremony was celebrated by Msgr. Margarito Gonzaga, who also officiated their wedding fifty years ago. Close friends of the Tirols stood as principal sponsors. They were Gov. and Mrs. Erico B. Aumentado, Former Gov. and Mrs. Rolando Butalid, Former Gov. Gelacio Gementiza (of Davao del Norte), Mrs. Daday Reyes, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gaviola (representing the family of the late Justice Ramon Gaviola).

The secondary sponsors were Jovencio M. Reyes and Mrs. Araceli Reyes (cord), and for the veil, Martin Reyes and Maxilinde Reyes.

During the reception, guests were served with sumptuous foods prepared by Cainget Fish Grill and Restaurant (partly owned by Dr. Macuno) and entertained by the Sidlak Dancers of Bohol Northern Star College (where Dr. Amalia Tirol is school president). A huge five-layer gold-colored wedding cake, adorned with fresh flowers, was enjoyed by everyone. Guests were also served with slices of the freshly roasted calf (from the D & A Tirol Invisible ranch).

May 11, 2008 was another big event at the Tirol compound. The renewal of vows at the Graham-Leopando-Belarmino-Tirol Memorial Church, was officiated by brothers-in-law of Atty. Tirol, Revs. Daniel Bernaldez and Victor Casabal. Mrs. Taciana Belarmino and Mr. Casimero Bompat stood as principal sponsors. The Tirol family members, Belarmino family relatives (from Cebu), some faculty and staff of the University of Bohol (where Atty. Tirol is president) and friends were present to witness the affair.

The church was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers (liliums, gerberas, Malaysian mums, carnations, dendrubiums) which were flown in from Manila. Ms. Melita Jala Andoy who is a member of the World Flower Council International (Philippines) meticulously did the pretty flower arrangements both in Ubay and Tagbilaran affairs.

Dinner reception followed at the residences of Atty. and Mrs. David B. Tirol and Capt. and Dr. Marlon Macuno (nee Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol-Macuno). Sumptuous foods, served in four buffet tables, for at least 500 guests were prepared by Jj’s Seafood Village. A roasted calf was also made available.

Thirty one (31) wedding cakes (representing the number of grandchildren) were also specially made by Inday Ramirez of Ramirez Cakes and Pastries. The design of the specially made individual cakes was chosen by Dr. Macuno herself, after searching in the Internet for the appropriate cake design. The cakes in assorted flavors: ube, orange, mocha, strawberry, pineapple, chocomarble, vanilla and special chiffon were decorated with almond slivers (specially flown in from Australia and the US) and slices of fresh mangoes. Everyone also got their slice of the cake as each table was served with a layer of cake.

The guests were entertained by the cultural dances performed by the University of Bohol Dance Troupe. The forty five (45) very talented members of the Loboc Ambassador Youth Band, awed Atty. and Mrs. David B. Tirol and guests with their spectacular musical performance during the program emceed by Atty. Adri Anne T. Montes.

Guests at the next-door residence of Dr. Macuno saw what transpired at the main house through a video feed. Video and photograph coverage was done by Ed Cañuto of Exquisite Photography and David ‘Cocoy’ Tirol, III.

For the wedding attire, Atty. David B. Tirol wore a pure piña hand-embroidered barong and Dr. Amalia R. Tirol looked so elegant in her hand-embroidered Filipiniana dress which was beaded by EJ Relampagos.

The entourage also wore specially ordered from Manila, barongs for the gentlemen and embroidered modern kimona and pañolitos, for the ladies, which were worn over a base gown made by EJ Relampagos.

The Family

Atty. David B. Tirol and Dr. Amalia R. Tirol are so happy that they are celebrating this very special moment of their lives with the presence of all their eleven children and thirty grandchildren and soon to come great-grand-child.

The children with their respective families, were also dressed in Filipinana motif:

The eldest, Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol-Macuno, married to Capt. Marlon Macuno with their son Miguel Carlos;

David Rey R. Tirol, based in Tagbilaran City with daughter Hannah, and wife Josephine Jabinez and other children Ryan Josuah, Joseph Rey, Raja flew in from Brisbane, Australia , for the occasion;

Australia based Engr. Carpo R. Tirol with wife Nicole and children Kristoffer Jon, Kieren James Carpo, Samuel William David flew also flew in from Brisbane, Australia for a month-long vacation and to be with the family for this occasion;

Dr. Ammon Denis Tirol, CPA and wife Luaren Ramiro-Tirol with their children Laurence Elliot, David Ammiel, Ammon Johnvic, Luther Dean, Ilia Ursula;

Honor Tirol and wife Manuela Inting-Tirol and children: Frances Uma, Mikel David Andre, Lemuel Moses, Leam Andrew ;

Dalia Melda ‘Leah’ Tirol-Magno with husband Arturo Carlos G. Magno and children Amalia Karla Loise, Arthur David and Arturo Jose.

Apolo Tirol and wife Cindrella Fe Gingoyon-Tirol with Shirley Loi Angeli and Shine Ella May

Homer Ariston Tirol and wife Cheryl Marie Yap-Tirol with children Arizza Nancy Jule Y. Tirol and Marthe Justin Illu;

Reyna Catherine Tirol-Clavano (nurse) and husband Richard Clavano (chef) with children Katrina, Saul David, Preston Isaac came home from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA;

Youngest son David R. Tirol, III (respiratory therapist) with wife Melotte Uy-Tirol (nurse) and children David Val, David Matthew and David Allen also flew in from California, USA;

And youngest daughter, who is a nurse, Cindy Tirol.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all mothers!

Everyone us would say "my mother is the greatest in the world!". Each one of us have our own reasons why we consider our mother to be the greatest! And each one of us have their own stories to tell about their mothers too.


My mother will turn 75 years old this coming July 10, but she doesn't look like her age. She still looks very beautiful and regal. My father used to tease us (me and my sisters) that although we are beautiful daughters, our beauty could not surpass the beauty of our mother. And we agree to that.

I have a very special attachment to my mother. Some of my siblings would say I am “sip-sip” but they just can’t understand that special invisible bond between me and my Mama.

My Mama told me that of all the ten children she bore, giving birth to me was the easiest. I was only 4.2 pounds when born, full-term. I was so small and frail that she gave me special attention and much tender loving care. She breastfed me until I was almost four years old. When I asked her why she did that, she told me that every time she would attempt to stop breastfeeding me, I would not cry but tears will just roll from my eyes and seeing me that way would melt her heart and would then let me lie on her arms and let me suck her breast for some milk or for whatever reasons I needed that for. But that breastfeeding stint stopped when my mom got pregnant with my younger brother, who unfortunately didn't enjoy breastmilk from my mother anymore.

I got my 'talent' for cooking from my mother. She exposed me and all my other siblings to the kitchen (we have a very big kitchen)and taught us how to choose and buy the good vegetables, fish, meat, etc... She taught me how to peel potatoes, slice tomatoes, juliene carrots, and all these stuffs, properly. She told me the secret of the proper steaming of leche flan.

My mom taught me how to clean a comfort room properly. She would tell me that those who don't know how clean a comfort room can never own a beautiful comfort room (maybe she is right). Thanks to my mom, I will never cry everytime I don't have maids in my house anymore.

I got my business inclination from her. She would always encourage me to go into business.. sell stuffs, etc.. When I was in high school, I would always complain why I was not allowed to go out with friends but is compeled to stay and watch the store. Never did I know that through that, she was already instilling in me something that one day I would be very thankful for.

My mother is not very demostrative about her emotions and affections to us but I know she dearly loves each one of us. Her patience, hardwork, love and sacrifices poured to rear me and my other siblings are immesuarable. And all these is not limited to our family alone but she extended these to other people. She is into public service and active in many religious andcharitable activities.

But despite her stature, she remains to be my dearest mother, whom I can call or text if I need be refreshed of a 'secret' of another recipe. And she is always there and she is always in my heart.

I love you Mama!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Excited to be a grandma

In about a month from now, I will already be a grandma and I am very excited about that. I and the whole family is looking forward to seeing our very dear Babam (short for Baby Amam) and have her in our loving arms very soon.

Babam would be the first "apo sa tuhod" in the clan and so everybody is excited of her coming too. We are praying always that she would come out a healthy, smart and beautiful baby. As early as now, we play with her even if she is still inside her Mommy's tummy. She would respond to our voices by moving hard and fast. She would show-off her "tsunami" and "stretching" stunts.

Last Thursday, my sister arrived home from Las Vegas, USA, with her three children. She brought with her many baby stuffs for Babam. We can already imagine her looking so pretty wearing those cute pink baby stuffs. My sisters and I will host a baby shower this coming weekend. Baby showers are not commonly done here in Bohol. I hope that this one would start the trend of throwing baby showers.

Babam will be calling me Mama and not grandma though.

Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Recognize a Gifted Child

I was on one my my frequent trips to Cebu City last week when while waiting for my trip back to Tagbilaran City, I got busy myself reading the February 2008 Reader's Digest issue.

Although the wait at the terminal was long, I enjoyed reading (as I always do) my ever favorite RD. One article caught my attention : How to Recornize a Gifted Child. I read it and I was amused that my second child (who turned 16 early this March)possesses all the characteristics of a gifted child.

When I arrived home. I asked my eldest daughter to read the article and she smiled. she said, she has some of the characteristics but still thinks that her younger brother (my second child) has all the characteristics identified.

I let my second son read the article and after he read the it swiftly, he gave an ear-to-ear grin and said " Hehehehe, I am a gifted child afterall!", and we just smiled. I told him that this is nothing to brag about but to thank God for.

The following are the characteristics of a gifted child as printed on the Reader's Digest February 2008 issue:
1. They generally walk and speak before their first year of age.
2. They tend to use very rich language and adultlike vocabulary.
3. They easily understand and remember the information they are given.
4. They generate a great quantity of ideas and solutions to problems.
5. They have a well developed sense of humour.
6. They have a great deal of curiousity, which make them question everything.
7. They usually worry about the problems of the world.
8. They adore reading.
9. They like complicated board games (chess)
10. They are leaders.
11. They persevere (they concentrate on a task and persist until they finish it)
12. They make a high levelof self-judgment, demand much of themselves, and tend to be dissatisfied.
13. They prefer to work independently and do not need much help.
14. They are vulnerable to the rejection of their classmates.

With my recent discovery, I thank God for the GIFT.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Phobia : Claustrophobia

Surfing the net on the topic PHOBIA, I found this : "A phobia is a form of anxiety disorder in which someone has an intense and irrational fear of certain objects or situations. Anyone suffering from high levels of anxiety is at risk of developing a phobia. One of the most common phobias is claustrophobia, or the fear of enclosed spaces. A person who has claustrophobia may panic when inside a lift, aeroplane, crowded room or other confined area like cabinets, tunnels and others."

Watching an episode of Fear Factor last week, I saw one of the challenges contestants has to overcome. It was where the female contestant needs to go underwater and go inside a small tunnel to get a human skull. However, inside the small tunnel is a seven-foot crocodile facing towards the other end of the tunnel (in reality, the crocodile couldn't turn around to attack the contestant anyway). However, this situation would certainly be too much for someone who has claustrophobia.

Seeing this scene reminds me of my own fear of small tunnels. Even the thought of myself going into a small tunnel gives me shivers. I really don't know why I developed this fear, but in one way or another, I learned to overcome this fear in some situations.

Have you experienced going into a CT or MRI machine? I have, for three times already. But I survived! I overcome my fear. How I did it? Prayers and doing a research on how these machine looks like and how they work, before my MRI and CT scan appointments happened.

My first CT scan experience was at National Kidney and Transplant Institute (for an angiogram) in Quezon City, Philippines and the other two were at the National Institutes of Health (for more detailed tests) at Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

I was able to overcome my fear of going into these tunnel-like machines (not mentioning the irritating noise while you are in there)by keeping my eyes closed and never attempting to open them while I was inside the machine. And while undergoing the "ordeal" of being in the machine, I kept my mind busy thinking of things that I love to think about - my family, a beautiful and relaxing scenery or humming my favorite songs.

We can really overcome our fear on something. If we don't learn to overcome our fears, we can't tackle certain challenges in our lives too. And just like what the contestants in Fear Factor also did, they faced and challenged their fears and they succeeded. Afterall, fear is only in the mind.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you crazy?

I regret I said those words to someone today.

I was busy pounding my laptop keyboard today, finishing a power point presentation which I have to present before a group of managers in two hours. A former student approached me and I asked " what can I do for you?" and she told me that she needs my help so she can get her transcript of records. I asked for her student file from one of the office assistants, so I can check myself what seems to be the problem with her records.

When I saw her file, I found-out that there seems to be no problem at all and that her records are ready to be released. However, she told me that she needs a transcript that would say that she graduated from a degree/course. I told her that it is not possible because she hasn't not complete a course in the school and besides, she already transferred to another school. And she said the words that triggered me to say those words which I shouldn't be saying to her... She popped the unpleasant question, which was something like : " Is it just possible that I will just pay someone so I can have the records that says I have graduated?" Grrrrrrrr....

Should you blame me for saying those words?