Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just turned 43!

Yesterday, December 13, 2008, I started another year in my life, looking forward to a new year of happiness and to enjoy God's blessings.

This is a special birthday celebration for me because this is my first birthday spent with my granddaughter - Babam.

How the day went?

I was still asleep when my husband kissed me and greeted me a happy birthday. When I woke up, the kids greeted me too.

I had to report to work early today. I delivered a welcome address during the Christmas party of the CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service). Over 2,000 people greeted me a happy birthday by singing a happy birthday song to me. It was touching. Perhaps it was the biggest "birthday party" I have ever had.

Before we left for Panglao Island Nature Resort, I had to drop by Marcela Department Store to buy the rubber float for Babam. I also saw this cute Disney sunglasses for kids and I bought a pink pair for Babam too.

The Outing

We arrived at the Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa at around eleven o'clock in the morning. Entrance fee during weekends is P400 per person. P300 of which is consumable (for food purchases) and P100 of it is chargeable as entrance or for swimming pool use.

We had lunch at the gazebo. I had fish and chips and four seasons drink. My husband and my children ordered their own choices.Food was fairly okay.

The weather that afternoon was good. At least, it was not very sunny. While my kids were enjoying the pool, me and my husband chose to just sit around and I read just the Reader's Digest.

I joined the kids later in the pool. The water felt cold the first time I dipped in the water although later it was okay.

We left the resort at almost 4 p.m. already.

We decided to stay home after the trip. I decided not the attend the Christmas party of our department because the kids were already very tired and I didn't want to go there without them. My husband ordered food from our favorite restaurant (Shang Me Nou) and enjoyed dinner at home with my family.

Although, me and my husband went out a little later after dinner. I had to buy my medications from Mercury Drug Store and my husband has to get new DVDs from his favorite DVD store. Afterwards, we went to Island City Mall (which was having a midnight sale that night) and just browsed stuffs there. I didn't get to find something interesting at my favorite clothes shop (Kamiseta) so, I didn't get to buy anything for me.

Who greeted me?

Arthur, Amam, Badong, Arjo, Babam, more than 2,000 CWTS students, CWTS teachers,Mandie Gloria, Reyna (off-line YM), Mama, Luane, Libya, my office staff, Mercury Drug store clerks, Kamiseta shop clerk, Venice (who called from Hong Kong), Ailyn, everyone at church (today) and many more...

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