Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Christmas day is only four days away. We always have wishes for Christmas.

My Christmas Wishes

These are wishes for the year 2009:
1. Continued good health to me and my family.
2. Peace and love among family members (they know who).
3. Am-am's passing the Nursing Board and for her to be strong and ready for her future.
4. To be a Doctor in Business Administration very soon.
5. More sales/earnings/additional income/blessings.
6. A pretty house with a beautiful garden.
7. Land titles and investment properties.
8. Settlements
9. Travels abroad
10. New car
11. Rolex watch/Diamonds
12. Revive my community projects

The list could be longer but a dozen is already much.

For my birthday and Christmas gift, I gifted myself an electric Brother sewing machine. I have been looking for a sewing machine like this for many years already and I was lucky to find one at Bohol Quality department store. So, I bought it as soon as I can.

This sewing machine is the kind which is portable. When one wants to use it, it will just be put on a table top and when not used, can just be stored in the cabinet.

With the availability of my sewing machine, I hope to have time to tinker with it and come out with some sewing projects soon.

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