Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all!

It's been four years now that me, my husband and our three children has been spending Christmas away from Bohol.This year, we are spending it again at Waterfront Hotel & Casino, Cebu City.

It's always a moment to treasure to spend Christmas with the my whole family. We have this kind of bonding that we always treasure.

Christmas morning, the kids were still asleep, then me and Arthur came down from our hotel room at the 7th floor and we ate breakfast at the hotel's breakfast buffet. Wohhhh.. if I were not on a diet, I could fill my plate with so many foods. The food served looked so tempting. I had a plate of fruits - Ormoc pineapples, watermelon and papaya; crispy bacon (yummy); egg omelet with ham, tomatoes, onions, salame; cold cut; buns and butter; boiled eggs; chicken aroz caldo; fish sweet and sour; and fresh mango juice.

I had a chance to have a picture taken with two of the chefs. I always admire the talents of chefs.

After the late breakfast, we went to the hear mass at the Redemptorist Church then went to the mall then back to the hotel.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

42 and going.....

It's a special day for me today. I turned 42! I thank God for my life and my family who loves me so.

I decided to take a lazy day, reported to my office very late as almost everyone in the office were going out to take their lunch breaks. My beloved Mom treated me, my family and my sister to a wonderful lunch at The Prawn Farm at the ICM Mall. The manager at the restaurant, Audie, gave us a complimentary platter of fruits.

After doing a quick browse at the clothes shops at the mall, I had to hurry back to the school for my classes, then drove home to cook the pancit for a snack treat for my office staff. It's always my pleasure to share my little blessings with them.

Dinner was another date with my family and few new friends, at Jo's Inato Payag. We had our usual favorite barbecue chicken, binakhaw, pancit molo and kare-kare.

When I got home, I found the gifts and goodies given by my friends (the Yap family who owns Bohol Tropics Resort Club)who are so sweet to remember my birthday.

Spending this day with my family is the most wonderful part. The least most important thing that happened today is buying a red Ferrari (more of it next entry) as a birthday gift for myself.

God is indeed wonderful!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Touching Love Story

While having lunch today with the TV left on, tuned in to Wowowee, the interview by Willie Revillame of one of the contestants' partners caught my attention so I decided to watch what is showing. Today's featured contestants are those who are getting married this month of December.

The partner of one of the contestants related about the love story of her future bride, whom he is marrying on December 29th.

The groom to be narrated that he and her girlfriend (bride-to-be) went to study in different cities that caused them to be apart from each other. His girlfriend met someone else and had another boyfriend but he never stopped loving her. He still kept on calling her, pursuing her. There even came a time when it was the boyfriend of his former girlfriend who answered the call and told him not to bother his girlfriend anymore. But still, he kept on loving her.

Eventually, the girl broke-up with the boy with whom she bore a child. He still pursued the girl and eventually won her and finally accepted his proposal of marriage. And now, they are getting excited for their coming wedding and they promised each other, infront of millions and millions of Wowowee viewers, to love each other as long as they live.


I do admire the persistence of the guy's love towards the girl. Some may think that he is crazy for pursuing and marrying the girl who bore a child of another man. But one can never understand how crazy love is.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday, I posted an article about sunglasses. However, I forgot to mention that I might be starting another collection of eyewears - this time eyeglasses.

When I was a child, I was so proud that I have a very good eyesight. I could thread a needle in a jippy and I never had problems with my eyesight ever. Oppssss.. but since last week, I started to accept the fact that it's really more comfortable to read wearing a pair of reading glasses. And, cleaning my fingernails and toenails can be done with ease while I am doing that wearing my new pair of eyeglasses.

While I go for authentic and branded pairs of sunglasses, not this time for my reading eyeglasses. I bought mine from the local eyewear shop at only P199.65! The optometrist (who appreciated my Gucci 2775) was trying to sell me the branded readng glasses which were priced from P1,500 - P 3,500 per pair, I kept on telling him that this time, I will go cheap. Afterall, this is my first reading glasses and I still have to get used to using one and I am not yet too conscious of how I look (I look like a Lola) while wearing one.

Maybe someday, I will also be buying the kind of eyeglasses that my parents wear (Christian Diors)which cost at least P12,000 per pair. But not for me this time.Hehehhehe.

My reading glasses has a grade of 100 for both eyes. Beginner's grade indeed.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Collecting sunglasses is one of my vices. I think I have already bought about ten pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses, since I bought my first pair. I have lost more than two pairs already and oh well, that's life.

I don't go for copies or fake pairs even if they are much cheaper. I go for the real and authentic pairs. Expensive but authentic indeed.The most expensive pair of sunglasses that I possess is a pair of Cartier.It was my favorite until I got my new pair.

My recent splurge is a pair of authentic Gucci 2775 brown/gold sunglasses which my sister bought for me when she was in the US. Regular price of this pair is about US$350 and I got mine at a bargain!

It is hard to find pretty branded sunglasses here in Bohol. I can't just buy any pair that looks pretty on the webpages in on-line stores. The right pair must be tried on. So, what I do is I try on as many sunglasses as I can everytime I go to Cebu City (which I do at least once a month due to my doctoral classes) , at optical shops at SM City Cebu and Ayala Shopping Center Cebu. Once I found a nice pair, I write down the brand, model number and price of the one that looks good on me. Then, I look for it on the Internet and get to find the one at the least price.

I browsed my favorite on-line store Amazon.com and of course Ebay.com and finally found the one at a good deal. I emailed my sister (who was in the US then) the link of the item that I found and asked her to buy it for me. Since the item is breakable, I don't want it shipped direct to Bohol. I asked my sister to have it shipped to my friend in San Francisco, USA, who was coming to the Philippines that time. Bohol wasn't my friend's first stop when he arrived in the Philippines so I asked another friend to pick up my Gucci sunglasses from my friend who was staying at the Manila Penninsula. And I was so excited, like a little girl excited about her new toy, when I finally got hold of my pretty pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Now, I am looking at another pair -- a pair of black Versace 4070 with swarovski crystals. Well, I still have to work harder to earn more Internet income for me to be able to afford another pair of expensive signature sunglasses.