Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Touching Love Story

While having lunch today with the TV left on, tuned in to Wowowee, the interview by Willie Revillame of one of the contestants' partners caught my attention so I decided to watch what is showing. Today's featured contestants are those who are getting married this month of December.

The partner of one of the contestants related about the love story of her future bride, whom he is marrying on December 29th.

The groom to be narrated that he and her girlfriend (bride-to-be) went to study in different cities that caused them to be apart from each other. His girlfriend met someone else and had another boyfriend but he never stopped loving her. He still kept on calling her, pursuing her. There even came a time when it was the boyfriend of his former girlfriend who answered the call and told him not to bother his girlfriend anymore. But still, he kept on loving her.

Eventually, the girl broke-up with the boy with whom she bore a child. He still pursued the girl and eventually won her and finally accepted his proposal of marriage. And now, they are getting excited for their coming wedding and they promised each other, infront of millions and millions of Wowowee viewers, to love each other as long as they live.


I do admire the persistence of the guy's love towards the girl. Some may think that he is crazy for pursuing and marrying the girl who bore a child of another man. But one can never understand how crazy love is.

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