Sunday, April 27, 2008

Excited to be a grandma

In about a month from now, I will already be a grandma and I am very excited about that. I and the whole family is looking forward to seeing our very dear Babam (short for Baby Amam) and have her in our loving arms very soon.

Babam would be the first "apo sa tuhod" in the clan and so everybody is excited of her coming too. We are praying always that she would come out a healthy, smart and beautiful baby. As early as now, we play with her even if she is still inside her Mommy's tummy. She would respond to our voices by moving hard and fast. She would show-off her "tsunami" and "stretching" stunts.

Last Thursday, my sister arrived home from Las Vegas, USA, with her three children. She brought with her many baby stuffs for Babam. We can already imagine her looking so pretty wearing those cute pink baby stuffs. My sisters and I will host a baby shower this coming weekend. Baby showers are not commonly done here in Bohol. I hope that this one would start the trend of throwing baby showers.

Babam will be calling me Mama and not grandma though.