Sunday, August 24, 2008

Grandma at 42!

I haven't updated my blog for sometime now due to my being so busy with a lot of things - work, school and being a first-time grandma. The last as being the most exciting though.

Yes, I am already a grandma at 42! How do I feel about it? It feels very good! And I thank God for this new chapter in my life. Not all women will get to experience what I am experiencing right now.

Normally, when we hear of the word grandmother, we always picture an old wrinkled woman. Oh no, not me! A lot of people even think that I am the mother of the baby I am carrying, who is my grand daughter. Well, being a grandmother is something a woman should be proud of. Being a grandmother is another level of fulfillment.

I am creating another blog for my grand daughter so I can share my experiences about being a grandmother and to share updates about my granddaughter. I may sound corny but I am sure grandmothers like me will be able to relate with me.

The new blog that I created is "My Girl". Although, pictures of my girl can also be seen at the website my daughter created for my grand daughter.

Through my new blog, I hope mothers and grandmothers like me will also post comments and share their feelings and experiences being one. Afterall, being a mother and grandmother is indeed a big deal.