Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday, I posted an article about sunglasses. However, I forgot to mention that I might be starting another collection of eyewears - this time eyeglasses.

When I was a child, I was so proud that I have a very good eyesight. I could thread a needle in a jippy and I never had problems with my eyesight ever. Oppssss.. but since last week, I started to accept the fact that it's really more comfortable to read wearing a pair of reading glasses. And, cleaning my fingernails and toenails can be done with ease while I am doing that wearing my new pair of eyeglasses.

While I go for authentic and branded pairs of sunglasses, not this time for my reading eyeglasses. I bought mine from the local eyewear shop at only P199.65! The optometrist (who appreciated my Gucci 2775) was trying to sell me the branded readng glasses which were priced from P1,500 - P 3,500 per pair, I kept on telling him that this time, I will go cheap. Afterall, this is my first reading glasses and I still have to get used to using one and I am not yet too conscious of how I look (I look like a Lola) while wearing one.

Maybe someday, I will also be buying the kind of eyeglasses that my parents wear (Christian Diors)which cost at least P12,000 per pair. But not for me this time.Hehehhehe.

My reading glasses has a grade of 100 for both eyes. Beginner's grade indeed.

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