Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all mothers!

Everyone us would say "my mother is the greatest in the world!". Each one of us have our own reasons why we consider our mother to be the greatest! And each one of us have their own stories to tell about their mothers too.


My mother will turn 75 years old this coming July 10, but she doesn't look like her age. She still looks very beautiful and regal. My father used to tease us (me and my sisters) that although we are beautiful daughters, our beauty could not surpass the beauty of our mother. And we agree to that.

I have a very special attachment to my mother. Some of my siblings would say I am “sip-sip” but they just can’t understand that special invisible bond between me and my Mama.

My Mama told me that of all the ten children she bore, giving birth to me was the easiest. I was only 4.2 pounds when born, full-term. I was so small and frail that she gave me special attention and much tender loving care. She breastfed me until I was almost four years old. When I asked her why she did that, she told me that every time she would attempt to stop breastfeeding me, I would not cry but tears will just roll from my eyes and seeing me that way would melt her heart and would then let me lie on her arms and let me suck her breast for some milk or for whatever reasons I needed that for. But that breastfeeding stint stopped when my mom got pregnant with my younger brother, who unfortunately didn't enjoy breastmilk from my mother anymore.

I got my 'talent' for cooking from my mother. She exposed me and all my other siblings to the kitchen (we have a very big kitchen)and taught us how to choose and buy the good vegetables, fish, meat, etc... She taught me how to peel potatoes, slice tomatoes, juliene carrots, and all these stuffs, properly. She told me the secret of the proper steaming of leche flan.

My mom taught me how to clean a comfort room properly. She would tell me that those who don't know how clean a comfort room can never own a beautiful comfort room (maybe she is right). Thanks to my mom, I will never cry everytime I don't have maids in my house anymore.

I got my business inclination from her. She would always encourage me to go into business.. sell stuffs, etc.. When I was in high school, I would always complain why I was not allowed to go out with friends but is compeled to stay and watch the store. Never did I know that through that, she was already instilling in me something that one day I would be very thankful for.

My mother is not very demostrative about her emotions and affections to us but I know she dearly loves each one of us. Her patience, hardwork, love and sacrifices poured to rear me and my other siblings are immesuarable. And all these is not limited to our family alone but she extended these to other people. She is into public service and active in many religious andcharitable activities.

But despite her stature, she remains to be my dearest mother, whom I can call or text if I need be refreshed of a 'secret' of another recipe. And she is always there and she is always in my heart.

I love you Mama!


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