Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you crazy?

I regret I said those words to someone today.

I was busy pounding my laptop keyboard today, finishing a power point presentation which I have to present before a group of managers in two hours. A former student approached me and I asked " what can I do for you?" and she told me that she needs my help so she can get her transcript of records. I asked for her student file from one of the office assistants, so I can check myself what seems to be the problem with her records.

When I saw her file, I found-out that there seems to be no problem at all and that her records are ready to be released. However, she told me that she needs a transcript that would say that she graduated from a degree/course. I told her that it is not possible because she hasn't not complete a course in the school and besides, she already transferred to another school. And she said the words that triggered me to say those words which I shouldn't be saying to her... She popped the unpleasant question, which was something like : " Is it just possible that I will just pay someone so I can have the records that says I have graduated?" Grrrrrrrr....

Should you blame me for saying those words?

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