Saturday, March 3, 2007

Q & A part 3

1. have you ever thought you were abnormal?
~ i always consider myself normal.

2. how many months to go before your birthday?
~ from now? 9 months.

3. last movie you watched with your husband?
~ The Promise .. and it was soooo boring! hahahhaha

4. is your landline listed in the telephone directory?
~ i think so.

5. do u eat alot?
~ no. im a light eater. although i don't eat light bulbs huh..

6. are you reading anything right now?
~ my blog.

7. do you have any frustrations?
~ i wanted to be an artista. hahahhaha

8. what is the time now?
~ 12:15 a.m.

10. if given the chance, will you join pinoy big brother?
~ no. i havent watch a single episode of PBB anyway.

11. if someone called you right now, would you take the call?
~ yeah. it might be a call from a client abroad.

12. do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?
~ jack and jill?

13. do you like your handwriting?
~ yeah. i guess i have a very good handwriting.

14. have you ever trespassed someone else's
~ my parents'? my sister's?

15. do you want to be justin timberlake in your next life?
~ i dont know who he is.

16. have you ever gotten drunk?
~ yeah. many many years back.

17. do you think someone thinks of you every night?
~ of course.. my mom and my husband.

18. how's your health right now?
~ very good!

19. what did you want to be when you were
~ a lawyer

20. how many languages can you speak?
~ english, bisaya, tagalog. think that's all.

21. has anyone made a poem for you?
~ no one.

22. are you hungry?
~ no, im not.

23. why do you answer surveys like this one?
~ interesting and fun.

24. last food you ordered at mcdonald's?
~ what's it called? the fish fillet stuff?

25. the last person who called you on the phone?
~ my daughter.

26. can you speak straight english?
~ of course. and most people hate my American accent. blame it to too much watching of Sesame Street. hahahaha

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