Monday, March 26, 2007

Bags... bags.. bags....

To ladies out there. Are you a bags bug too?

I got bitten by the bag bug when me and my husband went on tour to the US in 2005. I ended up buying five pieces of Coach bags and one Prada. I got a couple of Nine Wests, Liz Claiborne, Dooney & Bourke too. Last year, I rewarded myself with a red Lacoste bag which I bought from the Lacoste shop at Ayala Mall in Cebu City.

My eyes popped and was salivating when I saw the LVs, the Guccis, the CDs, the Fendis at the signature boutiques at the shopping center at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. But all I can do is appreciate those awesome bags and wish I can also afford to buy them.

When talking about bags, I am still an amateur compared to my best friend. She owns about a dozen each of LVs,Guccis and Pradas (her favorite signatures), a couple of Balenciagas, countless of Coach bags and some more of other brands. She buys most them them online. Some from Amazon.com and others in other websites.
. I am learning a lot from her too, when it comes to bags lessons.

Others may not understand why some would prefer the expensive and branded bags over the generic bags. Some doesn't care if their Prada or Coach is a fake but some do really care and will NEVER go for copies but the authentic ones only.

How to identify a fake from a copy?

PRADA - Of course, the one you bought must bear the violet-black colored small envelopes containing the authenticity cards and other slips. The letter R of a fake Prada is straight and doesnt look like an slant elongated diamond shape. And of course, the hardware used as handles, locks, slides of an authentic Prada looks sturdy and is obviously made of good quality metals. The nylon used is of course of good quality and turns violet-black when sunlight strikes on the bag.

COACH - an authentic Coach bag of course bears those aunthenticity cards also. The leather and hardware used is of very good quality. The C logos of an aunthentic Coach are properly arranged. Fakes have incorrect Cs.

You can also learn how to spot fake signature bags from www.handbag.com, about spotting fake Coach too and you can find more articles online about these topics.

Well, admit it. You too might love to have bags too. But of course never wish to have eye bags.


Beth said...

My son-in-law works at Coach in NYC. I got mine from him as one of his gifts, so I don't have to buy one. Isn't it great!

Leah TM said...

Lucky for you! I bet you have many pieces of Coach bags/purses already.

Beth said...

Certainly. And watches to my husband as well. So generous!

brenda said...

hi kabayan?i think your well experience enough in spotting authentic bag..i just bought a lacoste bag from online shopping bazzaar here in dubai..can u help me how to spot if the bag (lacoste)is fake or not.if u can pls send it to my email. brenda.emirates@yahoo.com