Friday, March 2, 2007

It's My Life !

This blog is created to let me know more about myself. One way of doing that is to ask myself some questions which I need to answer and make me recall of simple things of which answers have been in my wholelife.

This is my first Q & A blog. I got these set of questions from my cousin: Here they are:

1.whose picture is it that u keep on
ur wallet?
:: a picture of my family

2. what time do u go to bed?
:: it depends. sometimes, as early as 7:30 pm and sometimes, as late as 3 am.

3. what was the last thing u did b4 filling this survey?
:: doing an Internet lecture to 96 students from Corella High School.

4. who's the one u always meet the most?
:: at work? my secretary - Ms. Monding. at home? - my helpers Charlene and Besing.

5. who's the person ur gonna call if u need help?
:: my husband - Arthur

6. what's on ur mind just now?
:: would i be able to answer all my emails?

7. who's number on ur speed dial?
:: my husband, my daughter, my sons, my dad, my mom, my sister, Mia..... my phone can accomodate a lot of numbers in my speed dial

8.with whom do u wanna have fun?
:: arthur, my kids, cousins

9. what's the latest movie?
:: would you consider 24 a movie? we just finished watching the whole 1-5 seasons of 24! i sleep and wake up with Jack Bauer! hahahhahahaha

10.when was the last time u went out?
:: yesterday. i went to Eskaya resort in Panglao to meet up with a client. Lunch at Asiatika with a guest too.

11. what/who do u hate the most for now?
:: lack of time to do all the things i want to do.

12. when was the first time u slept alone?
:: i cant remember anymore.

13. what do u wanna do for now?
:: blog. reply to emails. go to the hair salon later.

14. what do u do everyday besides eat and sleep?
:: work. internet. cook.

15. fave pet?
:: none for now. we used to have great danes. planning to get another great dane soon.

17. colors that make u happy?
:: green and red.

18. most fave in ur room?
:: my square pillow (for my head) and my regular pillow for my legs.

19. what was the last thing u bought for ur room?
:: more pillows

20. any instruments in ur room?
:: hmmmm. what sort of instrument?

21. do u cook?
:: of course! i love to cook.

22. miss someone?
:: my pamangkins living abroad. my mom (seldom see her). my sister.

23. plan to buy something?
:: a new cellphone for my son. another car?

24. are u satisfied with ur life now?
:: i'm a happy person. i could say im satisfied, although i always have dreams still to be realized.

25.do u like seafood?
:: of course. we had 2 giant crabs for lunch the other day. we will have prawns tonight.

26. breakfast or dinner?
:: both. but im a light eater.

27. what do u usually eat for breakfast?
:: quaker oats, fruits, low fat milk.

28. did u eat breakfast today?
:: yes. pan-desal with no cholesterol butter. salt-less fried danggit.

29. do u recycle?
:: yep!

30. do u have a laptop?
:: of course. it's my work-mate. its an IBM x40. it's a very cool stuff.

31. what's ur favorite fast food?
:: chowking

32. cats or dogs?
:: dogs

33. salty or sweet?
:: sweet nalang. i can't have salty foods.

34. city or country?
:: country

35. what's ur favorite kind of cake?
:: carrot cake or any cake with nuts.

36. Is kissing normal for our age?
: yep!

37. are u athletic?
:: i can't be one.

38. do u swear?
:: rarely.

39. would u ditch your friends for a date?
:: nah...

41. what do u wear to bed?
:: would you really like to know that?

42. ever had a crush on a teacher?
:: my teacher in Marketing during my MBA stint at DLSU.

43. coke or pepsi?
:: coke light. diet pepsi.

44. sugar or spice?
:: spice

45. can u use chopsticks?
:: yep. it also helps one to eat less. hahahhaha

46. do u like to read for pleasure?
:: i do if i can afford the time.

47. do u care about getting good grades?
:: i don't but i always get good grades even without trying. hahahahhaha

48. have u ever fallen asleep in class?
:: never.

49. get a job or ask ur parents for money?
:: i got a job, but i don't think there is harm if my parents will also give me money. hahahhahaha

50. is ur dad strict?
:: he isn't to me.

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