Saturday, March 3, 2007

Q & A part 4

*is your hair wet?
~ no.

*is your cell phone right beside you?
~ yes...

*are you wearing makeup:
~ not now. i already washed it off earlier this evening.

*are you wearing chapstick:
~ not now. i was during the day.

*are you cold:
~ nah..

*are you tired:
~ if i am staying this late, then i am not tired at all.

*are you excited:
~ about what?

*are you watching t.v:
~ right now? no.i will later, after this.

*are you wearing pajamas:
~ no.

*recently done anything you regret:
~ for not answering an email from a client.

*ever stuck gum under a desk:
~ i used to do that when i was still a student.

*ever kick someone:
~ i think i did.

*ever trip over your own feet?:
~ often.

*ever cried so hard you almost threw up:
~ i think i already did.

*have you yelled at someone:
~ i have.

*have you gotten mad at someone:
~ i have too, but not for long.

*have you cried:
~ a week ago.

*have you called more than 3 people:
~ today? i think i called more than 3 people.

*have you im'd more than 3 people:
~ newp. hehe.. i jsut got online. wa pa ko ka chat sa ym.

Q 01: is there a person who is on your
mind right now?
~ yeah.. my husband.

Q 02: where is the last place you went?
~ to BQ supermarket.

Q 03: who is the last person you called?
~ my husband.

Q4: who do you like more, your mom or
~ a lot of people say i look more like my mom.. hmmm guapa diay ko?

Q 05: do you have any siblings?
~ got 3 sisters and 7 bros.

Q 06: do you smile often?
~ all the time.

Q 08: do you wish on stars?
~ sometimes.

Q 09: do you untie your rubber shoes every time
you take them off?
~ i don't wear rubber shoes.

Q 12: are you a friendly person?
~ i am.

Q 13: who's bed did you sleep in last
~ my bed.

Q 14: what color shirt are you wearing?
~ light blue.

Q 15: do you have any pets?
~ we got goldfishes right now. we used to have great danes.

Q 16: what is the color of your bed?
~ it depends on the bed cover on it.

Q 17: what were you doing at 9 last
~ sleeping.

Q 18: i can't wait until...
~ all my children are all grown up and pursuing happy and fruitful lives of their own.

Q 19: is tom on your friends list?
~ i dont have a friend named tom. though i wish Tom Cruise is a friend of mine. hhahhah

Q 20: look to your right. what's there?
~ an open window.

Q 22: ever cried yourself to sleep?
~ yeah.. several times. im a cry baby.

Q 23: ever cried on your friend's shoulder?
~ i think i did.

Q 24: song that makes you cry?
~ Pasko Na Sinta Ko.

Q 25: are you normally a happy person?
~ i am always happy.

Q 26: has anyone ever said 'i love you' to
~ of course. i always get it from my husband.

Q 27: is your self-esteem extremely low?
~ average.

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