Sunday, August 19, 2007

Skin Whitening Craze

Majority of us Filipinas are born to have light to dark brown skin tone. Majority of us also wants to have fairer skin and thus the skin whitening business is booming.

You can see giant billboards showing the faces of some celebrities endorsing whitening products/services. When you read magazines, there is at least 5 ads promoting whitening products. On TV, advertisements about these products/services are always visible.

Who among us here haven't tried a product or service, in one way or another, just to make our skin whiter/fairer?

I am also hooked to this. Although I am not really a morena, I think I am not as 'white' the other girls/women. However, last year, I discovered something effective for making my skin whiter and fairer. A high school friend of mine introduced Kojic Soad to me and it's been almost one year that I have been using it and it shows visible results already.

A lot of my friends asked me if I am taking glutathione. I am not. Although I haven't asked my doctor if I am allowed to take such, I am not used to taking medications/tablets which might harm my delicate body. My friends noticed my fairer skin!

And I always share with them my little secret. I use Kojic Soap!

Kojic Soap

The color of this soap is dark orange. It is plain rectangular in shape. Packed in ordinary clear plastic with a white oval sticker with the label "Kojic Soap".

To use this, do not rub the whole soap to your skin. But just touch the soap with your fingers and rub your fingers to your skin (whole body) to make a thin lather. Rinse your body thorughly then repeat the procedure but this time, leave the lather on your skin for about 3 minutes before rinsing it off.

You can also use the soap for your face but don't let the lather stay on your face too long. Rinse off when your face starts to feel tingly.

The soap is not that expensive. Although not readily available in most department stores, I got my supply through order only. Each soap is sold at P100 per piece but if you don't leave the soap wet in the shower cubicle, the whole soap could last for 3 to 4 weeks.

To make your Kojic Soap last longer, keep it in dry place. You have to place it in a covered soap dish.

The first time I ordered, I think I bought about 100 pieces for the first time and until now, I still have some pieces in my cabinet. My duaghter and my sons use this soap too that is why I decided to keep stock of this.

How about you? Do you also want to have a fairer/whiter skin? Try this Kojic Soap. If this has been effective to me and some of my friends, this could also be effective on you.

For more information about this wonderful Kojic Soap, you can email me.

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