Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's father's day today. However, I didn't even greet my own father a "happy father's day" today, although he is just a call away.

But not sending him a message on this day doesn't mean that he is not special to me. He is and will always be.

My father is a very busy man. On the year I was born was the year he started his political career. From municipal councilor, he rose to become provincial board member, vice-governor, assemblyman, congressman and governor. But despite his being a property of the public, he was always there for me when I needed him.

I remember when I was still a little girl, I would always run to kiss him everytime he arrives home. I take his shoes off and give him his slippers. I give his vitamins and medications during his meal time. At night, I would pretend to be sleeping in the living room and it was a great feeling when he picks me up and carry me to my bedroom.

He composed my oration pieces and spent time from his busy schedule to train me for the oration contests I participated in. Even if he is busy in his office, when I come in, he would stop what he is doing and would acknowledge my presence and ask what I need.

Being a college freshman at 15, I couldn't decide which course to take up so it was my father chose the course I took up and finished. He together with my Mama was always there to guide and support me when I was taking my CPA review and passing it was a sweet success for everyone in the family.

There was a situation in my life wherein my fahter let me choose between him and someone else. And of course, I chose my father. And it was a happy decision.

When he was a congressman, I (with my older brother) was the one who acted as his personal secretary. I keep track of his appointments, do shopping for him, cook his meals (he was a vegetarian then) and even prepare his clothes.

I grew up being very close to him but he always kept enough distance to let me grow up emotionally, academically and spiritually by myself too. But he always make me feel that he is just there, anytime he is needed.

Now, that I have a family of my own, he is still always there if everytime I need to consult with him about something related to work, business and profession. He would always return my call right after I make a "miss call" to his number.

He might not be a perfect but for me, he is the greatest father!

Happy father's day Pa!

(Photo above shows my daughter Karla and my Papa)

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