Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am a child of God

I attended church this morning and my dad delivered the Message. I always love it when it's my dad who delivers the Message.

Today, he was preaching that being a child of God, one don't need someone else to relay his concerns to God. Being His child, one can just directly ask from Him for anything. Pray to Him and not to or through anyone else. And I believe in that.

In my case, being a parent myself, even before my children ask for the things that they need, I already know and I have even already provided for what they need. God is like that. He provides our needs even before we ask for them. How much more if we ask for those?

But all the things that we need must also be added with our exertion of efforts. Like water, which has been provided by God for all of us to use it. However, if we don't do anything, like even exerting an effort of filling the glass with water and lifting the glass of water to drink the water, we won't be able to quench our thirst.

Man proposes and God disposes.

And in our own lives, being children of God, we will put all our trust in Him and He will take care of everything.

Are you a child of God too?

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