Monday, December 1, 2008

Body Massage

Today, was not a busy day for me. In the morning, I was just working on the website for the local newspaper and after lunch, I took a good nap. When I woke up, me and my husband went to the Tagbilaran City port to pick up my daughter who arrived from Cebu City. She was in Cebu for almost a week for her nursing board exams.

I know my daughter feels tired and soar after that challenge, I treated her to a body massage at Nua Thai Foot and Massage Salon. I accompanied her and also treated myself to an hour-long body massage with oil. Mine was a traditional Thai massage. It was my first time to have that kind of massage since I usually have the Swedish or soft massage type. The one who did the massage on me didn't ask me what type of massage I wanted and I just pressumed it was my usual Swedish.

I like the way the 'bed' is being set-up - think matress on the floor. Their pillow is soft. The lighting inside is soft too. The place is clean inside.

But anyway, it was good enough. A Thai massage is full of pressing, pushing and pulling session, which I found a bit painful in some instances. But it was okay anyway though I found it not to be relaxing.

Although I enjoyed my body massage session at Nua Thai, I still consider the massage routine at Le Spa more relaxing.

- when you go for a massage, don't go to the salon wearing make-up.
- it feels good and fresh when you get a good warm bath before going to the massage salon.
- it is advised that you bring your own pajamas if you don't like to wear their service pajamas (although washed and smells fresh, these were being used by other clients too).
- don't bring bulky purses or even your cellphone.
- wear slippers in going to the salon (your Havaiannas won't get lost anyway)
- don't take a bath after a massage session (some say so)

- I wish other clients in the salon would observe silence religiously. If they wish to chat with their companion or with the service crew, they just do it in the coffee shop and not inside the massage salon.
- I wish hooks or something decent used to place our clothes will be provided so we won't leave our clothes on the floor.
- I wish they would provide newer and fresher pajamas
- I wish I extended my body massage session to two hours.. hahhahaha

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